Thursday, February 2, 2017

Some Expertise Required in Everything

Recent research on another project has me reading the exploits of former sheriffs from Nodaway County's past. 

It is remarkable the wide range of issues sheriffs have to deal with: burglaries, thefts, car accidents, political issues with commissioners, court-related issues, investigations, the day-to-day of administration and personnel management, changes in technology and implementing those in their department, management of the county jail or law enforcement center, and enforcing the laws, drafting and implementing internal policies, managing equipment, and making sure everyone is trained according to state requirements. And, there's usually more than that.. They have to have some expertise in a wide variety of areas in order to do their jobs well. Public relations skills are critical as the biggest part of their day is in dealing with people from every walk of life who may find themselves in difficult circumstances.

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