Project FAQ

What is the project designed to do?
To collect the biographies of the men and women who have served as county sheriffs in the state of Missouri.

How many biographies will be collected? 
It is estimated that 300-400 biographies will be recorded and transcribed during the course of this multi-phase project.

How many phases are there to the project?
Presently the project is broken down into nine different segments, allowing for 11-14 counties to be covered per project phase.

How is the project funded?
Each independent phase of the project will be funded through Kickstarter campaigns. The funds raised will cover travel expenses, data storage materials, and interview/transcription time.

When will the project begin? 
The project was scheduled to begin in 2016, if the funding goal of $25,000 has been met, but some interviews are already being scheduled for 2015.

How long will each interview be? 
It is estimated that each interview will last one hour. More time may be allotted as necessary.

Where will the completed transcripts be kept?
The final transcripts, audio recordings and/or video recordings will be transferred to each county's designated historical or genealogical society for access by future researchers. Access to the materials will be granted according to the conditions of the deed of gift signed by the interview subject.

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